VOIP Telephones

VOIP Telephone Networks

Site telephone networks have come a long way in recent years. We were very used to installing miles of cable on a site to connect telephones, but now with the advances in WiFi and fibre technology, we are able to install vast telephone networks without overground cables.

We have a large range of telephones, with caller ID and contact lists, and we can reach the edges of your site to provide resilient connectivity separate to your radio network.

Very popular on large shows, equestrian events and events with high safety priority, installing a VOIP phone system provide a primary method of communication between critical site staff.

B.S.B. EventLine

We can now bring you a local telephone number and outside line to your remote location. Digital receptionist and multiple lines available, distributed to key users across your site. A flexible and professional solution for when mobile phones just don’t cut it.