Live Event Streaming

EBPOM Ireland 2020 – Worldwide Medical Conference for CME

Live Event Streaming

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 and 2021, live event streaming has been more popular than ever. Increasing audience numbers and the ability to continue your event and capture your audience for longer.

We are able to live stream events in house – and offer a purpose built platform with our technology partners StreamRooms for large scale events attracting thousands of attendees.

Simple 1-2 camera productions are very affordable and can be arranged quickly and easily. These are ideal for small events and personal ceremonies where physical audience numbers are limited. We have launched separate domain over at which is free from our branding.

We are also able to embed our video player into your website, creating a branded experience for your clients.

Packages for funerals and weddings start at £250, and bespoke quotes are available where you have a large multi-faceted fully featured event or conference. Our recent productions with StreamRooms have been distributed worldwide, combining virtual callers and presenters, video playback and SLIDO Q+A integration, working across multiple time zones for a 24hr event.

We are happy to guide you through our fully featured events platform over a video call with our partners.