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Isoform specialise in the design, development and manufacture of high quality, innovative Dry Bag Isostatic Presses, Dry Bag Isostatic Tooling and Associated Pressing Equipment. Isoform also manufacture a Small Scale Laboratory Wet Bag (CIP) Press. The business was formed in 1979 when it traded under the founder’s name K. J. Morris. In 1986 the business became a limited company trading under it’s present name. The majority of Isoform’s customers are large International companies. Current export territories include the EU, Japan and the Far East, Australia, South Africa, Central and North America.

Huw continues to run the business as an employee of B.S.B. (Sound) Ltd and is always innovating, designing new products and maintaining existing machines.


Isoform provide a high quality ongoing tooling design and manufacturing service for all models of Isoform presses as well as for a limited number of other makes of presses.

Flexible tooling is manufactured from high quality multi component hot cured polyurethane, metal parts are manufactured from high alloy grade tool steel which is hardened and ground. Where abnormally high wear or rigidity is a factor steel parts can be substituted with tungsten carbide. All bags are 100% inspected before delivery.

Correction is normally designed into the flexible tooling cavity shape to reduce the “elephant’s foot” effect and to increase the bag life.

Isoform designers have a great deal of expertise in designing most types of Isostatic tooling, we accept most design challenges and are happy to work closely with customers on new concepts and under the strictest mutual confidentiality.

A representative powder sample should be supplied by the customer to help us to achieve the best results.

To obtain the best pressed product shape it is essential that the best powder filling system be used to ensure an even powder density across the filling area and throughout the length of the cavity. Isoform’s unique Volumetric Powder Filling System ensures these characteristics are achieved thus enabling the highest possible pressed compact accuracy and consistency even on very thin walled tubes. The flowability of the powder determines the type of powder filled used. Where flowability is not an issue the Isoform’s Volumetric powder filling system is always preferred.

Isoform Volumetric Powder Filler Operation:

The filler is accurately guided into the top of the tooling cavity at which point a valve in the filler automatically opens allowing powder to flow by gravity into the cavity. The design of the filler nozzle produces a continuous and even annular stream of powder thus ensuring an even density fill. The powder level then rises in the cavity until it reaches the underside of the nozzle when powder flow ceases, the valve is then closed and the powder filler is removed. Thus the correct powder fill is achieved even if there are changes in the density and flow, characteristics of the powder.

Options Available for most Isoform Isostatic Models:

  • Volumetric Powder Filling System
  • Auger and Vibratory Powder Filling Systems – used for poor flowing powders.
  • Automatic Compact Unloader with compact integrity check
  • Choice of pumping system – Electric pump with Large Volume Intensifier, Pneumatic Pump(s)
  • Digital Isostatic Pressures Indication in addition to standard analogue gauge
  • Dust Extraction Nozzles
  • Fully Automatic Press Operation with several manual and automatic programs
  • Electrically Interlocked Guarding
  • Integrated Conveyor and Part Loading Systems
  • Temperature Control of Isostatic Fluid
  • LCD Screen and Control Panel
  • Ongoing supply Isostatic Tooling specifically designed to meet customer requirements
  • Multi Cavity Rod and Multi Ball Tooling


Isostatic press types are – Cold Isostatic Press (CIP), also known as a Wet Bag Isostatic Press; Dry Bag Isostatic Press – also known as a “Rubber Press” and Hot Isostatic Press (HIP), which Isoform do not manufacture.

Basic Specifications for Isoform Dry Bag Isostatic Presses –

  • Isostatic Pressures 300 bar to 2,400 bar (35,000 psi).
  • Standard Press Frame Capacities include – 50, 60, 150 and 300 tonnes (other sizes to order).
  • Pressed Compact lengths – up to 550 mm (longer to special order).
  • Operation – Manual, Semi-automatic and Fully automatic.
  • Options include – shape corrected dry bag Isostatic tooling, air driven or electrically driven pump/intensifier systems, volumetric and auger type powder filling systems, unique multi-cavity tooling system, double linked presses with intermediate operations, component unloading robot/conveyor system.

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Huw can be contacted directly on the Isoform telephone number:

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