Audio-Visual Equipment

All types of A/V Equipment

We stock a wide range of all types of AV equipment. We have a PA system for every type of event and stock a number of TV screens, projectors, cameras, media switchers and distribution.

We are authorised installers of Martin Audio products, and distributers of AKG, JBL, Sennheiser, BSS, Audio-Technica and Allen&Heath as well as many other pro-audio brands.

We can provide systems for conferencing, meetings, bands and theatre. We can also provide you with systems for personal functions such as weddings and parties.

Speaker and Amp Packages

We have a number of different configurations for amp and speaker packages for almost any event. From a simple two-box solution to a full line-array with monitoring for bands and theatre. We are happy to demo any solution at our warehouse in Market Drayton and build a custom package to your requirements.

We can also engineer your event if you would prefer the expertise of a sound engineer for system tuning and mixing.

TV and Projector

We stock a large number of TVs varying from 42″ to 60″, with stands or marquee/truss clamps which can be networked over SDI/HDMI or be fed from a single source. We generally use LG or Samsung displays.

We provide projectors and screens suitable for bright environments. These too can be networked by SDI/HDMI/HDbaseT alongside our TVs and media switchers so you can distribute your content over multiple displays.

We can provide cameras and presentation Mac/PC laptops to display your content and we are happy to build content for you, prior to your event.

QLAB can be provided on our show laptops for queuing of audio/video with image and audio manipulation.

Mixers and Microphones

We stock a wide range of digital mixers, microphones and instrument/vocal microphones, as well as an extensive supply of radio microphones from Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and AKG. If you would like some advice or for specific microphone requests, please get in touch. We are always happy to help.